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Atlanta Roofs, Decking, Windows, Siding, & Gutters

Reliable Exterior Solutions is Metro Atlanta's roofing and exterior contractor of choice because we deliver the best performance for the best value to your building's improvements. Homeowners & property managers love us! Whether it's routine repairs or if you have a leak caused by storm damage, we are the team to call!

We are professional, licensed, insured, GAF Certified, and "We Are Reliable"!

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We offer several services for your roof, from a basic tune-up to a small/medium repair, or even full replacement at an affordable cost to assisting you in walking through an insurance claim process. We install asphalt shingles, metal roofs, cedar shake, slate roofs, and more!



Your dream outdoor space is within reach with our talented staff who will make sure it is durable enough to withstand both the weather conditions of the outside and the foot traffic of family and friends.



Our manufacturers are leading the industry with new designs, but more importantly long-lasting durability. We offer fiber cement options and insulated vinyl designer-style options for whatever fits your design desires and budgetary needs.



Windows allow us to feel the warmth of the sun but if your windows are old and you can feel a draft transferring through them or notice the fog in between the glass, it's time to schedule an evaluation and get a great price on replacing those old cheap, builder-grade windows.



Gutters are the most overlooked system protecting your home from water damage. We often see wood rot caused by poorly maintained gutters or gutters that are too small to allow water to properly drain off your roof and away from your home's foundation.

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During the roofing and exterior replacement process, landscaping is protected with tarps. We also remove old shingles and materials from roofing to decking. Before installing the underlayment, we inspect the roof decking and building structures for rotten wood and replace them as needed. If you have a chimney, we re-flash to ensure that there are no leaks on the next rainstorm.

One of the most important components of the roof system is proper ventilation which we adjust and modify to properly ventilate attic space.

We are also conscious to bring the roof up to code by installing code-enforced components like drip edge and valley flashing. We are also mindful of installing six nails per shingle to ensure wind guarantees up to 135mph winds and use synthetic underlayment for proper roof installation.

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Inspections are completed upon arrival. The purpose of an inspection is to identify problems and concerns to determine the best solution for your exterior needs.

Based on the results of from inspection, our team provides a free, no-obligation estimate. The two categories of estimates are roof repair and roof replacement.

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We work closely with your insurance to get your roof replaced and brought up to current codes.

We can also replace your roof when insurance doesn't approve it. Ask us about financing options and payment plans. You need a roof over your head and we'll let you know the options to make it happen!


We are Metro Atlanta's roofing and exterior contractor of choice because we deliver the best performance for the best value to your home improvement projects!

We have over 15 years experience in the home and property improvement service industries and have replaced hundreds of roofs throughout the Metro Atlanta and Northwest Atlanta area.


To bring a reliable, friendly experience to your home's repair needs. We provide a variety of solutions to you as a customer by handling the dirty work upfront so you can get back to what you enjoy most. When we first visit, we evaluate what your needs are and start developing a plan that gets the job done in a timely manner. We want to make your home or commercial property look beautiful again.

Featured & Endorsed By TrustDALE!

Proud to be a part of the TrustDALE Community of Excellence for decking services! Due to the extensive qualifications Reliable Exterior Solutions has gone through to reach this point, we are able to effectively build trust with our customers, putting them at ease that they have hired a trusted and Reliable decking company that puts excellence on top.

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Get A Free Estimate! Touchless Drone Roof Inspections

As Atlanta's rapidly growing roofing company, we know the importance of getting you results fast and easy, so we have a quick drone inspection process that allows us to tell you more accurate problems, how we can address them, and while complying with Covid-19 distancing by performing this at a safe distance.

Drone inspections are part of our FREE roofing estimate process.

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